Jobs: Field Producer (contractor)

About Us

Micro-Documentaries LLC. We are an early-stage, high-growth, purposeful business looking for accomplished filmmakers, who are comfortable working as a one man band out on the field. This is an independent contractor position. Field Producers are responsible for all production related activities including interfacing with our clients, conducting interviews, filming, and offloading media. Field Producers must have their own camera and audio equipment.
Very competitive compensation.
We work with clients like the Clinton Foundation, Stanford University & HP Global Citizenship.

About You


You have experience producing, directing and filming engaging and successful documentaries. You have an eye for detail and a desire to foster creativity in your work. You are passionate about filmmaking and constantly strive to improve and stay up to date with the latest filmmaking technology. You are also a team player and make every effort to produce quality work.


You focus on delivering results and never understood the value of face time for the sake of face time. You want to own your time. You would like your job to enrich your life rather that drain it. You don’t want to choose between your job and your family and your other interests.


You have demonstrated serious interest in making a social or environmental impact. Life is short. You want to make a difference. A work environment where you can improve the world and work as a filmmaker is ideal. You also have the flexibility and sense of humor to work within a small startup with high aspirations.


These are some of our top choices, but we are flexible about locations:
  • Washington, DC
  • Boston
  • SF Bay Area
  • London


We would love to hear from you. Please apply below.