Step 2:

Show it off

People love videos! Show yours at upcoming events, speaking engagements, in your lobby or office, and include it in email, newsletters, and your blog to spice them up.

Share your video:

On your intranet

Show the video internally to educate and inspire. Also, make it easy for co-workers to share. Create a central place (e.g. a Google doc) for anyone on your team to access the video, as well as a title, short and longer descriptions, sharing tools, and documentation of where it has been posted.

On your computer, iPhone, or iPad

Have your films at the ready to share with clients, supporters, or friends. Micro-Docs require no conversions to play on iPhones and iPads. Download instructions.

In your email blasts

Embed your video in newsletters, appeals, acknowledgements, invites or follow-up emails to events. Including a video in your email newsletter increases email open and click-through rates over normal mailings.

In your email signature

Include a link to your video in your email signature too. Publicize your video in every email you send.

In your blog

When posting a video to your website, write a brief blog that introduces the video—What’s it about? Why did you create it? Why is the issue it covers important? Make sure to leverage key words that relate to you and the subject matter but that will also make your blog SEO-friendly, driving more traffic to your website and views of your video.

On printed materials

Make mention of your video in collateral materials and posters and include a memorable URL or QR code.

At events

Show your video on the big screen at fundraising events, spice up your speech, or host a house party.

In meetings

Capture peoples’ attention and hearts when you’re presenting.

In your lobby or hallways (and other places like hospital rooms and internal networks)

Entertain, educate, and inspire visitors waiting for a meeting or employees in the hallway.

In your annual and campaign reports

Include a microdocumentary(s) within your annual report or campaign reports. If the report is digital, it’s easy to embed the video right in the report. If printed, include a QR code so that report reviewers can view the video on their mobile device as they flip through the report.




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Step 2: Show it off

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