Training & Workshops

Training and Workshops

Learn how to get the best films from your filmmakers & reach bigger audience than you ever have.

After producing micro-documentaries in more than 30 countries we became frustrated by the fact that while some of those films were able to help purposeful organizations increase thought leadership, raise millions of dollars and reach millions of people, others just sat on YouTube with a couple of hundred views. . . This led us to analyze the differences carefully and extract a proven framework, ready-to-use methodology and and step-by-step blueprint for how to get the best video stories from your filmmakers and reach bigger audiences than you ever have before.


Let us come to you and tailor a workshop around your needs. Themes range from framing your narrative to large-scale distribution to how to avoid fueling polarization.

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Take a master class on Video Storytelling Strategy and learn how to get the best films from your filmmakers and reach bigger audiences than you ever have.

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What people are saying:

“This course was incredibly useful for helping me think about how to identify, pursue, and tell visual stories that will resonate with our audience. The framework was so eye-opening. It was all presented clearly, with great examples. I really loved the practical tools. And learning how to evaluate a video was also terrific. I feel like I can use these learnings not just for video storytelling but all storytelling.”

– Anne Kavanagh, Editorial Director, UCSF

“Natasha’s talks are invaluable for our students. She turns her cutting edge experience in new media and new organizational structures into inspiring and enlightening anecdotes and insights.”

– Scott Doorley, professor,, Stanford University

“It was fantastic to be presented with a relatively simple framework from which we can scout and create the kind of stories that will better engage our audiences. The course was very action-oriented, with content and tools to help better understand the effective elements to building a powerful visual story. I am feeling much more confident that I will be able to better guide our vendors and clients to produce effective films. Fascinating also that this framework can be applied loosely to storytelling in all forms of collateral.”

– Elise Carlaccini, Creative Producer & Project Manager, University Development and Alumni Development and Alumni Relations, UCSF